Miami’s Premier Bartending Service

We offer South Florida’s premier bartending services and bar rental services—our commitment to an industry-leading experience has been and will always be the foundation to this business. Bartending services for a party or elegant event is not the same thing as bartending services for a restaurant or club. Our bartenders have at least 3 years of high volume experience, provide their own tools, and bring strong customer service skills to the table. This means our bartenders balance a welcoming environment with a properly prepared bar station that creates a bar-atmosphere at every party.

Yes, our bartending services are world-class, but our customizable portable bar rentals are how we cut our teeth in the industry. Whether you’re looking to rent a rustic wood bar for your wedding reception at the park or an LED bar for your Miami Heat playoff viewing party, we cover a range of events with themed set-ups. But here’s the key: our bartending services aren’t just about the appearances. The party has to keep going and the liquor has to keep flowing, so our bartenders do more than just create a fun atmosphere. Our bartenders are prepared pragmatists, always able to adapt to the setting and make sure there are no delayed drinks that leave you with frustrated guests at your event.

Bartending Service

Any experienced bartender should be able to handle up to 75 guests with no more than a 5 min wait, even if the patrons are heavy drinkers (this is also assuming simple mixed drinks like vodka mixes Cape Cod, screwdriver etc.). Don’t let just anyone bartend your event because you may find out that poor training and bar technique well cause a delay and or diminished quality, causing a line to form at the wedding bar and the photographer won’t use those photos.

Miami’s Best Mixologists

Miami’s got some of the best mixologists in the bartending business. We cater far beyond Miami, of course, but a lot of our bartenders cut their teeth working the busy night of Miami’s tourist haven. The lesser known bartenders…the mixologist, the Mixing Professionals, the Cocktail Chefs, and the Craft Drink Enthusiast. A mixologist adds a distinctive extra to the drink-making process. They push the limits of what mixed drinks can be. Spirit knowledge and rich cocktail history is only the beginning of what they can do.

Their innovative passion for mixing cocktails is the main difference between our mixologists and our bartenders. It’s more than just a martini: let’s add rosemary simple syrup, some Pear Bitters with a citrus base like lemon nectar, some egg white to thicken the mix, then that’s before choosing the right Spirit (and not in that order at all). Their meticulous attention to detail will enhance the taste, presentation, and overall enjoyment of a beverage.

A simple yet great example is using mint for mojitos. Most bartenders like to muddle or slap the mint, but proper shake technique can extract the mint oil out of the leaves without mincing them in the shaker. This results in a better enjoyment of the drink simply because bits of mint aren’t caught in your teeth or straw.

They bring more tools than the bartenders. The uniform is usually a bar apron over a dress shirt but special requests are available.

World Class Flair Bartenders

Our world-class flair bartenders bring an unforgettable style of entertainment to your event. You can choose from two kinds of flair bartenders: Exhibition and Working Flair. But either way, you and your guests will be in for a treat—flair bartenders can use the bottles, tins, and all other bartending tools to create a live show while making high-quality cocktails. Often this may include fire, juggling, or even guest participation. We have World Class Flair Bartenders that can be booked to setup your party to the next level. Take a look at some of the videos we have here and see how what can be possible.