What do bartenders cost for a wedding?

An event bartender for hire can charge anywhere from $15/hour to $55/hour (not including Gratuity) depending on where you book that bartender. Most Event planners will try to book the $15/hour Bartender but that is rarely the best direction simply because you will find that you will get what you paid for. More than likely, a cheaper wedding bartender will be inexperienced or at least experienced but only in a regular bar setting. A wedding bar requires a complete setup from scratch. Whereas a regular bar has all the supplies, built-in bar, storage and all the amenities needed to make things as easy as possible. Remember, an event bartender goes to different parties to setup a completely different bar every time.


These subtle logistics are all accounted for when hiring our Event Bartending Services because we know what to expect. Our Event Bartender rates are $35/hour/Wedding Bartender for 5 Hours minimum. Our Server Rates are $30/hour/Wedding Server for 5 Hours minimum. These prices do not include Gratuity or additional fees that may apply on a case-by-case basis. We also offer mixologists, barbacks, and even Flair Bartenders.