Event Staffing 

Event Staffing

Our event staffing prioritizes professionalism and industry experience. We know that having a stranger at your event requires assurance and accountability. That’s why our interview process is strenuous: to ensure quality service for you party.

All of the event staff bookings have a 5 hour Minimum. Gratuity is not included in pricing. An All-Black Uniform is standard for most of the staff (special requests are optional and vary). Staff must pass a background check and drug test to work our events.

Handy BarBacks 

The biggest support that a Bar can have is a great Barback. Also, booked as Bussers, these are the people that maintain the momentum of the bar. They are bartender assistants. That means they are running to get more ice, cutting fruit, re-stocking the portable bars with more supplies. This allows the bartenders, flair bartenders etc., to focus on making cocktails so that there is a minimum wait for the guests to receive their drink. The bar would come to complete stop if the bartender had to suddenly stop making a drink in order to get more ice. This is especially important for private parties where the portable bar is a good distance away from the supply area. Every event is different so it can’t be determined if a Barback is needed without a guest count, drink menu and a floor plan.

Cocktail Waiter/Waitress | Servers 

Servers handle an array of different responsibilities like bussing tables, running or serving food, refilling water, passing hors d’oeuvres, maintaining up-keep for the party, throwing out trash, and sometimes helping re-stock the bar. They do not handle cleaning services like mopping the floor and washing dishes. However, we can offer you someone specifically for these kinds of services at special request.

Experience is a guarantee. This means the wait staff has to have a minimum amount of hospitality experience, whether in catering, restaurant or hotel.

Party Assistants

A Party Assistant (also known as an Event Assistant) has to have strong communication skills to handle the different responsibilities that they take to ensure the event goes smoothly, all while maintaining a professional demeanor. Customer Service skills is also large aspect of what they have to do as they prepare the event by helping organize the party rentals, accepting deliveries if the Event Planner or Host is not available, tidying up any obstructions to the dance floor, and directing what is needed for the party. The Party Assistant can be a stressful because they’re in charge of being where the Host or Planner can’t be and direct accordingly. Any party without organization will see the consequences of that very quickly, but with organization it becomes extremely beneficial to have someone to competently handle tasks so that the Host or the Planner can focus on the big picture.

Bar Captain

This is an on-site position, usually for large festival events, conventions or music concerts where there are at least 1000 guests and at least 10 cash bars to manage. Only hired for day-of, live appearance but may also be included in the planning of a large event. A Bar Captain has to direct or supervise the Bar Setup, Service, and Breakdown while managing Staff, Sales, Inventory and any miscellaneous issues that develop during the event. We’ve handled Art Basel Festival Events, South Beach Food and Wine Festival parties, Ultra Music Parties of up to 500 Guests, Concerts of over 7000, Company Retreats and more.

Event Producer / Director

Very often are Event Producers confused with Bar Captains, Wedding Planners or Managers but the fact is that the scope of what an Event Producer must do has at least some overlap with all of the supervising positions. They handle floor plans with the Wedding Planner, but also deal with the city regulations to make sure a Cash Bar is permitted on the premises in first place. This job involves handling many different parts including the licensing, permits, insurance approval, staff confirmations (venue and city regulation requirements) and management support. Also they often handle advertising, marketing and promotion. Their involvement is critical for any party that will require a wide range of attractions and measures to ensure everything is taken care of before the setup day even begins, along with contingencies. Everything in the Hospitality industry has to have a backup plan and must be meticulously confirmed.