south florida PORTABLE BAR rentals

Best Portable Bar Rentals in South Florida

Portable bar rentals have been the talk of the town in South Florida over the past few years. After all, what party would be complete without a portable bar and an experienced bartender? Yeah, it might seem like a lot of work and hassle to get a bar to your event, but we’ve got our set-up down to a science. Fire Water Bars has been at this for over a decade. That means our set-up is quick and seamless—every detail has been accounted for so that your guests have a good time, you have no worries, and our bartenders have easy access to everything they need. Sure, you could have a cooler with some beers and call it a party. But this is a low-cost option that can take your event from a regular get-together to a bonafide event.

Everything comes down to efficiency with any portable bar rental. Small details make a difference when a bartender is making constant drinks every minute. If the cooler isn’t at waste height the bartender has to crouch for every drink slowing him down. Now there’s a delay at the bar, causing a line, showing in photos. Our portable bars are designed by bartenders for optimal bar-functionality. Some of the bars you can rent are more functional than others. However, every portable bar is designed with innovation and appearance as a primary goal. We have Wooden Rustic Vintage Bars and LED Acrylic Plexi-Glass Bars.

Delivery fees vary based on several factors

  • Event Location ( Deliver to Miami Dade, Broward, Monroe and West Palm Beach Counties )

  • Delivery Schedule ( Pick Up Same Day / Next Day )

  • Type of Venue ( Private Residence, Hotel, Resort, Event Venue )

  • Delivery Obstructions ( Stairs, Elevator, Narrow Pathways )

  • Rustic Wood Bars 

  • The Vintage style