Wedding Receptions


When you hire us, it’s guaranteed you’ll get professional bartending services for your wedding reception in South Florida. All the bells and whistles from a fully-stocked bar to an industry-leading mixologist are available to you through our Bar Supply Packages. But what makes us the best? Easy: We listen to you, advise you from our experience about how to best navigate preparing for the special day, and make sure to provide you an atmosphere that doesn’t just feel like another open bar at a wedding reception.


We say we’re the best bar rental service in South Florida. But who doesn’t? Below you can get a sense of the considerations we typically run through with our clients. We believe our attention to detail and making sure you have a personalized experience is what separates us from the rest.

So, congratulations on your big day.! It’s going to be here before you know it. There are a lot of factors when considering the bartending service for a wedding. A few things to think consider….

Budget: What kind of impression do you want have at your wedding? Will a basic bar setup work or are you looking for a Top-Shelf bar?

Catering Package:

Style: Do you want something Rustic | Vintage or Modern? Everything will come together for the Perfect Open-Bar Atmosphere, including drink options, type of mobile bar, venue design, and cocktail quality. There’s a lot more to leaving a good impression with a mobile bar, even when it comes to a simple Rum and Coke. Specialty Garnishes, Welcome Drinks, Toast Cocktail, all contribute to the quality of the Bar Service at the event.

We exclusively handle the bar side of a party and focus on making it memorable until the alcohol starts kicking.

Cocktails: This will be one of the biggest choices that you can make for your bar setup. Regardless if it’s a Signature Cocktail or the brand of Whiskey. Choosing the right selection of Wine, Beer and Liquor will directly impact how the night will turn out. Just like with Food Catering, the drinks will create an impression and atmosphere through Cocktail Cuisine. There are weddings with a Welcome Drink, Signature Cocktail, Cocktail Hour, Reception Open Bar, and Toast with or without a Toast Cocktail or Regular beverages.

A quality ingredient is a start but without the experience to put it together and you will have a regular wedding bar. You can have the best cucumber money can buy but you’ll also need the know-how on mixing a John Collins with a Lemon Cucumber Twist. Mixology is not just about tastes but the enjoyment of the cocktail from start to finish. For example, the mint for a Mango Basil Mojito should not be muddled in most cases (despite popular opinion) because you can extract the mint oil with a controlled Ice Shake, without tearing up the plant which will end up in the straw and between your teeth. Keep the leaves whole. This will leave a better look and enjoyment of the cocktail. We can have a mixologist create a custom cocktail menu for your Reception, or even a Signature drink named after the Bride and Groom. This will be catered to your exact preference based on your taste, style and preference.

Look, what we’re saying is that we’ve done this a long time and we’ve learned the ins and outs of bartending catering services in the South Florida area. We know the all the potential roadblocks and potential conflicts, so we’ve got you covered. Our services include Full Bar Catering Packages with Guaranteed Unlimited Open Bar. This means your guests can drink as much as they like and we keep restocking the bar to keep it open with unlimited supply. We provide everything from Bartenders, Portable Bars and Bar Supply Packages. All our services are based on many factors and we personalize each reception with different styles, drinks and custom imprints on the Bar Rentals.

Pricing varies on several details. Terms and Restrictions apply.

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